Why Use Craigslist As The Main Source With The Automarketer?


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Why Use Craigslist as the Main Source With the Automarketer

Joe: Hey. This next question is from Anthony. He says, “I’m Anthony from Phoenix, Arizona. Regarding the question. Automation. The Automarketer. I’ve recently come across a few FSBO links on other sites. Can you advise why Craigslist is the only source for this within the Automarketer?”

Joe: So he wants to know why we have Craigslist as our main source of for sale by owners on the Automarketer. Because there’s a lot of for sale by owner sites out there. Most of them, most for sale by owners, will go onto Craigslist. The majority of them will be there. Zillow has a lot of them, but a lot of the ones that are on Zillow are also on Craigslist. So it’s a lot of redundancy. We don’t scrape Zillow. We do scrape eBay Classifieds which has a ton of properties. If you’re in Canada, we scrape Kijiji.ca which is eBay Classifieds in Canada. If you’re in the UK we scrape Gumtree.com. We do not scrap Gumtree.com.au, which is Australia simply because we have an AP, or an IP address problem with the Australian sties. So we don’t scrape that section. But these others we do, and they’re very effective. I’ve got a guy that’s using ten different Automarketers. He actually pays for ten different Automarketers every month and he brings in hundreds and hundreds of leads every month and he picks the lowest hanging fruit.

Joe: If he had people that were actually calling for him he would convert a lot more. So you can do the same thing. This is a business that is scalable so you can work in multiple cities because you don’t have to ever go to the property. If you listen to some of the audios, or videos, that I’ve done on outsourcing, you can outsource these other jobs so you don’t ever have to leave your office.

Joe: I believe that whenever I leave my office I’ve lost three hours of my day. So I try never to leave my office. I’m in my office right now. I just have a black backdrop put up, and, but I do most of my work here and I try not to leave. The only time I leave is for fun, you know, to actually live my life.

Joe: So, anyway, that’s why we focus on Craigslist in the Automarketer. Oh – the other thing – in the Automarketer also you can do, you can upload phone numbers. You can upload, if you upload phone numbers then you can blast out, so let’s say you have a list of expired phone numbers or you have a list of absentee owner phone numbers or you have your own list of phone numbers that you want to do blasts, or you can do text and voice blast to those people as well. And you can design your own campaign to those people and give them links to your clone sites, or you can give them links to websites that you create if you choose to do that.

Joe: All right, hope that helps.

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