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Will You Partner With Me If I Find A Good Deal?


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Read Transcript for “Will You Partner With Me If I Find A Good Deal?”

I’m going to show you how I partner with my mentor students on deals.

“Will you partner with me if I find a good deal?”

Joe: If there’s a good deal and you want to sell it to me, I’m always happy to listen to it. I’m not really interested in partnering with anyone except my mentor students. My mentor students keep me very busy with the partner deals that we do together.

Joe: But I also encourage them to work on their own. Sometimes when we do a deal together it’ll be their first deal out of the gate and they’ll just want some help on it. So it’ll make it easier for them to get through the process and make it happen when I’m a little bit closer involved with that process, and so they give me a cut of the deal.

Joe: A lot of times when people come from the outside and they want to partner with me on deals, it doesn’t make sense to me because my level of expertise is so much higher than theirs (and I don’t say this to brag; it’s just the reality) – my level of expertise is so much higher that I end up doing more of the work and it would have made more sense for me just to do the deals on my own rather than to partner with somebody else.

Joe: On the other hand, if you’ve got a great deal that makes sense, send it to me. I’ll look at it and if it makes sense for me, I’ll buy it. Alright, thanks.

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