Will You Take Me As A Student If I Give You All My Profits?


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Read Transcript for “Will You Take Me As A Student If I Give You All My Profits?”

Let me tell you a little bit about how my Mentor Program works and why I want the most motivated people to join so that I can teach them how to succeed in their business.

“Will you take me on as a student if I give you all my profit in the first couple of deals?”

Joe: The answer is no. I apologize for not being able to do that, but first of all, I’m in business to make money same as you guys are and the same as I’m teaching you to be, but more importantly, I have a lot of people that are in my program that have struggled very hard to be in this program, to be able to afford it and pay for it, and it wouldn’t be fair to them for me to take somebody on spec when they’re making the effort to pay me.

Joe: I also believe that when you put money out of your pocket, it makes you more motivated, and it makes you more likely to succeed and I want to work with the people that are the most motivated and are most likely to succeed simply because it’s more fun. I apologize – no, I can’t do it that way, but we can work other ways.

Joe: We have some good payment programs and some other things we can do to make it happen for you, and if you follow through with what I teach, it’s going to work for you, so it makes sense for you to just make a move and go forward with it. Good luck with it.

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