Your Ads Are Bringing Me Too Many Buyers – How Do I Automate?


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Read Transcript

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. I’ve got another question here from Tom Parris. It says,

Tom: “I have your websites from the Push Button Method.”

Joe: (This is from buyers and sellers and investors and we’ve got autoresponders and all of that stuff.

Tom: “We put our website url and the domain name on every sign and every flyer. I get so many phone calls from prospects to explain the process to them.”

Joe: That’s a pretty good problem to have. So you’re getting a lot of phone calls. But he wants to get,

Tom: “Is there an easier way to get them automated, to get them to go to the website? Is there something that I’m missing?”

Joe: A certain amount of people are going to go right to the website. They’re going to fill out the form and they’re going to go through that process. That’s going to be a smaller percentage of the people that will go to the phone and to the voicemail and leave you a message.

Joe: Use the voicemail script that I gave you. It’s a long voicemail but qualifies them. Not just anybody – you don’t want somebody who’s got $300 a month and $200 in the bank and doesn’t have a job. You don’t even have to talk to those people, so you want the voicemail script that qualifies them and tells them how much they need essentially for the down payment.

Joe: The way I do it in the voice script is we’ve got three different lists of properties (and these prices are going to be different, depending on which area of the country that you’re in) – we’ve got three different lists, a $2,000 down payment list, a $5,000 down payment list and a $10,000 down payment list. Tell me which list that you’re interested in being on.

Joe: The reason we ask it that way is we want to know how much they’ve got for a down payment. So let’s say you want to be put on the $5,000 because you’ve got a pretty good idea that they might have $5,000 for a down payment. A lot of times they won’t even leave a message if they don’t have any down payment at all. So, use the voicemail script to qualify and get rid of people that aren’t as qualified.

Joe: Now, with the people who leave a message, you want to be able to call them back and you want to be able to call them back immediately. Well, you may not be able to do it yourself, so you want to find somebody who can do that for you. There’s a very simple set of questions that need to be asked to these people, and I’ve got a list on a paper for you in the program. Basically, it’s just how much do you want to spend, how much do you have for a down payment, how much can you spend monthly, how big of a house do you need – some basic questions about what they’re looking for.

Joe: You can have someone else call them and find out what they need. You can then have that same person email them or send them to a website to the properties that you’ve got for sale. If you don’t have properties to sell at that time or you don’t have properties that fit their needs, then you want to put them on a list for when you do so that you can send an email out to them to let them know that you just got a new property and you also want to let them know that they can go out and find their own property. Say, ‘Go to and find any property on there. If you find 2 or 3 or 4 of them and you bring them back to me, I can go and negotiate for you and put those together as lease option buyers.’

Joe: That’s about the statistic – 25-30% of for sale by owners will sell it to you on a lease option if you push that to them in the right way. Then, you can keep the lease option fee and give them the first month’s rent, then they get the property sold for full price without having to pay a realtor, assuming that the person actually exercises the option, which, by the way, is only about 30% of lease option buyers that will actually exercise that option.

Joe: But still, it puts a good tenant in there, it gets them their monthly payment and it’s a great way for people that are trying to sell their home for sale by owner because they can’t afford a realtor to move that property. So anyway, Tom, I hope that helps. I’ll see you on the next conference call and hopefully at the next Buying Events, and for all of the rest of you, thanks a lot and have a good one.

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