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Can I Join Your Mentor Phone Calls

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. Got another question here. This is from Maria Carter. She says, “Welcome back. Can I join your call?” I think she’s talking about my mentor calls. Every two weeks I have calls with my mentor, and we do, or with my mentor students and we, all I do is answer questions on those calls. There’s, you know, we have, I have about 120 mentor students that I go through every year. That means we have about 60 people involved in the program, 60, 70 people involved in the program at any particular time. On these conference calls, there’s probably an average of 15 or 20 or 30 people that show up on these calls and I answer their questions. And we record the calls so everybody else can listen to it if they weren’t able to make the call.

Joe: But the most valuable thing about this program is them being able to get on those calls and ask me questions about deals they’re working on, with problems they’re having, the challenges they’re facing, and letting me help them through that process and giving them direction on what to focus on and what to ignore. So, that’s an important part of the mentor process. But you have to be in the mentor program to be able to come on those calls. So, I apologize for not allowing that. It just wouldn’t make sense.

Joe: I try to not get overboard on how many people, how many students I take in to this mentor program so that I can personally talk to everyone. And the only times that we actually talk in the mentor program is on those calls and at the buying events that I do three times a year. I also take emails every day from people, and I’m pretty good about getting back with people within 24 business hours. You know, I don’t work on holidays or weekends. But I’m pretty good about getting back with 24 business hours with my mentor students with their questions. But those are the only people that I answer real estate questions for. Every once in a while somebody will send me a question and I’ll answer it, but that’s pretty rare. It’s simply a time issue for me. So I ask them to get involved in the mentor program if they have real questions for me.

Joe: The other question she had here is, “Is our new CRM finished? Last time I looked it was just half-way finished.” Yes. All the new, if you’ve been in the system for a while, there’s a button that you can press, is upgrade to the new CRM. If you haven’t been there for a while, or if you’re fairly new, then when you built it, it built you with the new CRM. The new CRM has lots of new capabilities, it’s a very cool system. It doesn’t have a lot of great tutorials yet, so I apologize for that, but we’re working on that, and, but it makes it very easy to follow up with your leads and keep them in a pipeline which is very important in this process, and ultimately to be able to outsource that work to someone else. Because you don’t want to have to be doing that your entire career. That’s not the most fun part of this process.

Joe: Now, again, you don’t have to have the Automarketer to do that. You can make cold calls to these people on Craigslist that are For Sale By Owner, and just ask them, “Would you consider selling your home rent to buy rather than selling it outright?” And if they say yes, you put together the lease option memo. If they say no, then you ask them questions about their deal, and that’s a lot about what we’re talking about on these videos and what I talk about in my training and my books and the mentor program. It’s all about learning how to make an offer that can be accepted.

Joe: Learning how to talk to your sellers is going to be the most important thing you could do when you’re getting started, and most of you are going to be in that place right now, still learning how to do that. Once you’ve learned how to do that, then you can start automating and outsourcing everything that you do. And if you start with automation, if you start with this process of, you know, bringing in the leads and making it easier for you to follow up, it’s going to make your job a lot easier. But you could still do this without the Automarketer. You can do it, you know, you can go to Amazon, I’ve got a book called Automated Real Estate Investing, and it teaches the same for rent method that I teach my mentor students getting started. And you can do this without the Automarketer. You don’t have to pay me anything. You can, it’s $3.00 on Amazon for this book you can download.

Joe: Automating your business is the most important part of this process once you learn how to talk to sellers and are able to put deals together. It’s nice to have the Automarketer from the get go because it’ll make you, it’ll bring you leads in that you can talk to, it’ll also give you credibility because you’ve got a website that, you know, these days a website is like a brick and mortar store used to be. It gives you credibility and people believe that you’ve got a real business because you’ve got a website. So all that stuff will be helpful to you.

Joe: Anyway, I hope that answers the question. Good luck!

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