How Do I Generate More Motivated Seller Leads Faster And Cheaper?


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How Do I Generate More Motivated Seller Leads Faster and Cheaper?

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. Here’s another video in the blog series. The question is, “How do I use the new CRM system in the Automarketer to make more money faster?” First, we’ll start with lead generation. Lead generation is the most important thing that you can have in any business. If you don’t have leads, you don’t have customers. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have sales. If you don’t have sales you don’t have a business. The first thing you know, in business is, or the first rule of any business is, nothing happens until a sale is make. If you don’t make a sale, it’s not a real business.

Joe: So what you have to do is have leads coming in all the time. The Automarketer, which you probably already know about, if you don’t, go to and it’s software that we’ve created that actually brings in just a tone of leads. So using voice blasts, using text blast technology we send out a message and we have multiple messages that we send out, but one of them for example is, we’ll pull all the leads off of Craigslist, the system scrapes Craigslist and it’ll pull all the leads off of Craigslist of people that want to sell their property and we’ll send them a text message that says, “Would you consider selling your home rent to buy rather than selling it outright?” And we get a percentage of those people that send us back an email saying, “Yes,” or “Maybe,” or “Tell me more,” or “Give me $20,000 down and I’ll do it.” And then some people that say, “No.”

Joe: We call back the people that say yes or maybe. And then we call and explain and show them how we work and show why it makes sense for them to work with us. And that takes some skill. I’m going to have some other videos in this series that help you learn how to talk to the sellers and be competent at it and sound like you know what you’re talking about and try not to sound like an idiot.

Joe: So, but, we’re using voice and text blasts to bring these leads in. A voice blast is just a recording of your voice that says, “Hey, my name is Joe. I was wondering if you would consider selling your home rent to buy rather than selling it outright. If you would, please give me a call back. My number is,” and you give them your number. And that recording then goes out to the list of people that have their homes for sale and it puts that message, that recording, on their voice mail. It just calls them up, puts the message on their voice mail, and then some of those people respond and some of them don’t. We have a very high response rate on voice and text blasts versus email. Email response rates are, we’re looking at a 5% response rate, you know, that it’s, it’s not the best response rate out there you know, as far as, you know, being able to get a good lead coming in.

Joe: Now, if you’re a direct mail person, you’re sending out direct mail, for you to get a half a percent response on sending out a piece of snail mail, that’s a pretty good response rate. So, us getting 5% on email is very good. You know, it’s ten times that. But, we’ll often get 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% response rates on our text and voice blasts. It’s really quite phenomenal. And they come in almost immediately. If you send out a piece of snail mail, you’ve got to wait a week or two weeks or three weeks or a month or whatever before those come in.

Joe: If you send out a text message or a voice blast message, you’re going to get responses within ten minutes of the time that it goes out. It’s absolutely phenomenal. And you can kind of time when you want that business to come in. So that’s pretty exciting.

Joe: The other way that you get leads through the Automarketer is a follow-up system, where it sends out a series of text blasts. So it’ll send out a text blast like the one I told you about before and then it’ll send out another one and this time it’ll have a link to one of the clone sites that is in the Automarketer. And a clone site is the website that sells the seller on the idea of working with you on using a certain structure, whether it’s rent to own, you know, doing the lease option deal, or whether it’s a subject to deal or whether it’s we buy houses for cash type of ad. It sends them a different message in sequence over time. So it sets it up over a three-month period and you can send out these messages over time and it keeps hitting the same people over and over again until they respond. But it sends them a different message and a different offer each time. So that way they don’t get as irritated with us by, because we’re sending it.

Joe: And also we’re only sending it once a week so it’s not a ton of stuff that they’re getting. And they can opt out just by sending don’t, just by typing in something along the lines of “Don’t send me any more,” and we’ve got the system set up so that it does that automatically.

Joe: Anyway, that’s the first thing you need in order to automate your business. You need a way to automate your lead generation process. If you don’t have leads, you don’t have a business. All right – hope that helps.

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