The “Two Day Buying Event” With Joe Crump


Hi Everyone,
At this event I’m Going To Teach A Simple “Push-Button-Method” That Allowed Us To Contact 131 Home Sellers And Make An Offer On Their House… An Offer That Only A MOTIVATED Seller Would Accept…”


I stood in front of the class and it took me about 5 minutes to contact 131 Sellers. Then, within 1.5 hours from the time I pushed the button. We had 31 MOTIVATED SELLERS Respond To Our Offer… OVER 20%!

Using this method, you don’t have to cold call or knock on doors. You don’t even have to answer the phone. Don’t you hate it when those pesky motivated sellers are calling you all the time begging you to take their house with nothing down? <LOL>

We didn’t have to pay for expensive advertising or send costly snail mail. The whole process can be set up and implemented in about 20 minutes with free sources of motivated sellers that are easily found doing a search on Google.

Each of these simple little deals is worth an average of $4,000 and, as you may know by now… I teach NEVER to use cash for down payments and NEVER borrow money using your credit. Using these methods no one will EVER look at your credit or income.

Everything I teach is based on NEVER using your cash or credit to buy a home.

Anyway… 31 Sellers responded to our offer. Do the math… how much will we make if we only close a third of these deals.

That same day, later in the afternoon… just to “drive home” the lesson I was teaching, we contacted 51 more home sellers with another “extremely easy,” no-brainer, simple method and got 12 *more* Motivated Sellers to respond to the offer by email and say… “Please take my house… I’ll do it exactly the way you say.”

We did all this and we NEVER picked up the phone.


I’m going to put my students in a room and each of them are going to do this system with me… right there from the conference room. This isn’t a sit and watch seminar… this is a powerful, hands on” workshop where you will actually be doing the things I teach… as I teach it.

I will teach you how to do it and then, I will break up the class and take you by the hand and help you do it.

Everyone is going to be doing deals.

When I created this program, I had some goals for my students.


GOAL ONE: To ONLY deal with highly motivated sellers who have:

1. …real estate for sale that will make us a profit.

2. …have proven to us that they are serious and “ready to go” with the offer we have presented to them.

3. They understand who we are and…

4. …are impressed by our credibility and accomplishments *before* they meet us so that they will have confidence that we can pull off everything we say. (I can show you how to build credibility even if you’ve NEVER done a deal in your life.)

5. I want these sellers to feel that we are ethical, honest and have their best interests at heart BEFORE we talk to them because it makes the process so much more fun and satisfying and profitable.

6. I want them to email me and let me know that they understand how I work…

7. and…that they trust me and are ready to do the sale of their house EXACTLY the way I tell them I will do it.

I don’t even want to talk to them until they jump through all of these hoops. Every 12 Sellers We Contact Using This Revolutionary System (that costs virtually nothing to implement) creates ONE signed deal.




Real estate agent at workEvery week, I have access to HUNDREDS of these Sellers if I type two special key words into Google… just do the math.

But there’s a catch… I’m only allowing my Partner/Mentor Students to come. Maybe it’s time that you considered becoming a part of that program.

If you’d like more details about the Partner/Mentor Program and what it includes, please go to my web site at:

If you would like some fr-ee audios and vid-eos about how I work, you can go to this site:

You can follow the links at the bottom of that page for more video and information.

You won’t want to miss this ground-breaking material. It could, quite simply, contain the one technique you need to catapult you into the stratosphere with your real estate business.

If you are already an experienced investor, these simple, powerful, mind blowing techniques will make you a fortune very, very quickly… because you already understand the basics of real estate investing and already have an infrastructure in place that will allow you to take advantage of these ideas starting right there in the conference room in Indianapolis. I can almost guarantee you aren’t taking advantage of these techniques right now… after all, we invented them.

If you are a novice investor, these ideas will finally give you the edge you need, the confidence you’ve lacked and the simple steps you need to take (or, in this case, the buttons you need to push) to explode your inc;ome.

If you are serious about your real estate business, you need to be at this event.


Best Wishes,

Joe Crump

PS – Because I am personally working with everyone who comes to this event, I can only allow a limited number of people to sign up. It will be a small group. It’s coming up soon, (October 18th and 19th) so you’ll need to move on this if you want to get a space.

This is the most excited I’ve been about a new technique in a long, long time and I don’t know ANYONE who is teaching these ideas. Check out the Mentor Program Information now… you must be in the Mentor Group to come.

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