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“I started real estate investing back in 1986 in Los Angeles, California. Three years after I started, I had bought $17,000,000 worth of property”

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“How Much Money Can You Realistically Make Doing This?”

Time is money

Immediate Cash Flow, Make Thousands Of Dollars In A Few Short Weeks With This Technique


Why I Choose NOT To Participate In The Current “Recession”


How Do I Get Started Building A Massively Profitable Real Estate Investing Business?

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What Works: A Profitable Land Contract Deal Example

Falling Money $100 Bills

Here Is What Works: Buying “Subject To” Deals

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A SPECIFIC Technique To Buy Profitable Discounted Notes – Video 19

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Rental Property Deals That Will Support You For Life – Video 18

Protect savings

Deadly Mistakes Cash Investors Make – How To Invest Safely

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A Disaster Deal! Help Me


The End of Seller Financing – S.A.F.E Act

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Example Deals: 100% Owner Financed Deal In Florida Analyzed – Does It Make Sense? – Video 15


Example Deals: Is This A Good Price On A House In California?

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Example Deals: A Low Priced Rental In North Carolina

Falling Money $100 Bills

Cash Flow vs. Negative Cash Flow: Which is better? This may surprise you.

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How Do You Figure The Return On Investment For A Cash Flow Property

Cutting tax

Do You Save More In Taxes With Long Term or Short Term Deals?

Difficult choices of a businessman

Will You Make More Money Selling To Investors or Residents?

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What Is The Best Exit Strategy: Long Term vs. Short Term

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How To Tell If A Cash Deal Will Be Profitable Or Will Sink You Like A Lead Balloon

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How Assignable Cash And Terms Deals Make You Money VERY Quickly – Video 5

Businessman signs contract behind household architectural model

When To Use Land Contracts To Make The Deal Safer And More Profitable – Video 4


How To Buy With The “Multi-Mortgage” Technique To Give The Seller His Equity

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How To Buy “Subject To” The Existing Loan To Build A Huge Portfolio Of Zero Down Houses

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How To Analyze Real Estate Investment Deals – Video 1

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The Push Button Method – Video – Completely Automate Your Real Estate Investing Business

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I’ll Mail You My New DVD For FREE

I hate my job

I hate my freaking job.

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How To Find A Mentor If You Have No Money

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The Millionaire Matrix – How To Become A Millionaire In Two Years Buying One House Per Month

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The “Two Day Buying Event” With Joe Crump

HELP -Overworked businessman

Overworked Investor Needs Help! – I’ll Teach You The Business.

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Why I Don’t Do Due Diligence Before I Make An Offer On A Home

Facing Death By Drowning On The Penobscot River

Road sign to good job and financial security

How To Create Job Stability – A 30 Year Uninterrupted Career

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