Good Instruction Is The Key


Doing Deals Remotely – How To Live Anywhere On The Planet And Look Like You Live Across The Street


How To Outsource 90% Of The Work You Can’t Automate And Make 10 Times As Much Money


How To Get Home Sellers To Say “YES” To Your Zero Down Offer BEFORE You Speak To Them


Get Motivated Home Sellers Calling You Today! 


How Automation Creates A Constant Stream Of Seller Financed Deals With No Money Down And No Credit Needed


I’ve Done Thousands Of These Deals Over The Past 10 Years


As Your Skill And Income Level Increases, The Number Of Hours You Work Will Go Down

Young woman in wheelchair working with a male colleague

Can Someone Who Is Immobile With Little Money Be Successful In Your Program?


What’s The Average Cost Per Lead With The Automarketer?


How To Build A Virtual Business


What Does It Take To Be Successful In Your Program?

Phone receiver in hand . Mixed media

Can I Join Your Mentor Phone Calls?

deal property on hand concept

How Many Deals Will I Get From The Automarketer?


What Are The Different Kinds Of Marketing I Can Do With Your Automation?


Does A Home Have To Be Vacant To Close A Deal?

Notary public in office stamping document

Does A Signed Lease Option Need To Be Notarized?

Businessman dialing phone in the office, keyboard, mouse, mobile

When Are Good And Bad Times To Call Back Leads?


Since I’ve Been In Joe’s Program, It Pretty Much Changed My Life


How To Double Your Income On Every Deal You Do


Within A Month I Made $16k With Just A Few Hours Of Work

unprofitable to profitable by scissors

How To Make A Profitable Offer On ANY Property


Went To Close And Walked Away With $20,000

Best Offer

Multiple Ways To Make $25k On This Deal


I Saw A Return On My Investment Within Forty Days

Rural signboard - Forward - Backward

How To Structure A Deal With A Seller To Make Finding A Buyer A Breeze


I Made About $6000, And It Didn’t Take Me Any Time

Make An Offer

You’re Going To Make $10,000 On This Deal


Five Hours Of Work For A $10K Deal

assistance in construction

Do I Need A Real Estate License To Flip Houses?

Bribe in a Court Concept

How Do I Structure This Deal – $200,000 Equity

Make Money Online concept with young woman

How To Get Online And Start Making Money Immediately

little businessman

Structuring Deals #6: Hierarchy Of Control

Man Handing Over Thousands of Dollars in Front of House and Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign.

Structuring Deals #5: Assignable Cash Deals


I Clocked Out After 32 Years At My Current Job And It’s All Because Of Joe’s System

Magnifying glass with  text Buy or Rent in a concept image

Structuring Deals #4: Lease Option

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