Selling A House A Week, Buying A House Every Two Weeks


Earning $100,000 In The First Year Using Automation

The Coach

Closing Thoughts – Come Partner With Me

Home: House is Sold Successfully

I’m Trying To Sell A Home – What Are The Essentials In A “For Rent Method” Deal?

Qualified Leads  written on notebook with charts.

How Effective Is The Automated Text Blast System For Acquiring Leads?

Hands holding house of money - real estate

How Do I Profit On A Property Without Spending My Own Money?

two little girls climbing a rock wall

What Is The Best Way To Build Trust With A Seller?

Stressful work

How Do I Train Someone To Call My Sellers? 

Lead Generation Business Funnel Concept

What Is The Best Automated Technique For Landing Quality Leads?

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What Is The Best Way To Buy A Property?

Home: Sign in Front of Home

What If The Seller Doesn’t Want A For Sale Sign In Their Yard?

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How Do I Hire And Train An Admin Person?

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How Do I Centralize A Location For My Telemarketing Employees To Work? 

Businessman Notepad Property Value Concept

How Do I Make Money On A Property That Wont Sell?

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What Is The Best Way To Discuss Options With Sellers?

Diverse People Training Skills Workshop Concept

How Do I Train Someone To Find Potential Buyers?

Blocks for Customer-Managed Relationship Concept

How Do I Use A CRM For Following Up On Leads?

builder laying bricks in site.

How Do I Structure A Deal to Sell A Property That Needs Substantial Repairs?


What Is The Best Ad To Attract Virtual Assistants?

Time to buy a house, A gray house and alarm clock on stone backg

How Do I Know When It’s The Right Time To Buy?

Analysing the expenses

What Are Typical Monthly Expenses for Investors Who Use The Automarketer Program?

Model of house made of money in male hands isolated

Do Students Make Money In The Mentor Program?

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First Deal In 4 Weeks – Profit $4,000


I’m In Canada – How Do I Hire “Boots On The Ground” To Help Me With U.S. Properties?

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Been Trying To Sell A House For Over A Year – Using Joe’s Method, We Sold It In A Week

Businessman drawing Internet Marketing concept

Why Use Craigslist As The Main Source With The Automarketer?

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My Sons Wake Up Every Morning Knowing I’m There

Lead generation. Keyboard

What Is The Best Way To Contact Leads Using The Automarketer?

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Automating My Business And Bringing In Consistant Income With Less Effort

CRM on Laptop in Modern Workplace Background.

What Is The Best Way To Use A CRM To Manage My Leads?

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I’ve Tripled My Income Since The Last Video I Made

Start written on desert road

I’m Stuck And Can’t Get Started. What Is Wrong With Me?

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A $48,000 Payday Using Automation

Real estate concept. Realtor is passing keys to the client sitting behind desk on blurred background.

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Talk To Sellers So They Accept Your Offers?


Which Job In My Business Should I Outsource First And Why?

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First Deal In 47 Days Made $9,000 Profit

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